China Theme Room Escape – The Dynasty

Travel back to ancient China to retrieve and protect the “Forbidden Seal”. The future of our world now lies in your hand. Hurry book now to have the best experience where dream meets reality.


What is Real Life Room Escape?

The earliest real-life room escape, “Origin”, was created in Silicon Valley by a group of system programmers in 2006. Since then, the trend had sweep across the whole world and became the latest fashion in gaming, team building, and social networking. Legend X Iteration (AKA: LXI) is the first of its kind that built role playing into the system, giving it’s participants a whole new dimension of entertainment.


LXI Debriefing Area

LXI proudly present the debriefing area! Where people can have fun while waiting for the room now!
We offer various of table games in debriefing area.
Do not have enough people to play the murder game that everyone loves?
Do you want to make some new friends?
Do you want to try out fun tables games that you may not own at your place?
How about a cup of coffee? How about enjoy the afternoon in a different style?
A healthy, fun, and relax area where you will find a lot of laughter!
Players who have reserved for the room can play for 2 hours for free!


Soft-Opening Promotion: Buy one get one free!

Come and join us to have a most unforgettable experience at LXI.
During our soft opening period, we offer a buy one get one free promotion.
Each ticket will grant admission to two players!
Bring your friends and create the funnest memory ever!


Soft Opening

LEGEND X ITERATION soft-opening today!
Real-life room escape adventure with a twist of role playing!
Do you have what it takes to be the Next Superhero?
Bring your friends or Let’s make new friends!