The Dynasty China Theme Real Life Room Escape

Travel back to ancient China to retrieve and protect the “Forbidden Seal”.

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Forbidden Seal, one of the ten most powerful sources in the seven universes, contains the power that is yet unknown to our knowledge. There’s rumors saying “All Evils” stole it from an ancient empire centuries ago… and is about to do… well, their evil things.

Legends, we need to stop them from where it all happens, You will be going through a portal back to ancient China. Please bring the Forbidden Seal back safe to our agency.

Retrieve the Forbidden Seal in Royal Library.
Break down the evil barrier in Alley.
And use the alchemy furnace to forge a key in Old Inn.

Lord of the Ring, Cyclops, Dark Lantern, and Iron Man
We need you to work as a team!

Legends, now is the chance to prove yourself.
Knowledge, Strength, Team Work, Observation, Attention to detail, Ability to Think Outside the Box,
All with a Brave Heart!